Q01 – mission-specific MALE platform

The Q01 program was initiated by an unique GERMAN-QATAR partnership, merging technology and mission experience. It is matching the requirements of the international market.


  • 1.000 kg ISR payload class
  • German aircraft and flight control technology 
  • EASA CS23 Single IFR certification


  • Q01 is designed for MALE tasks – with focus on long endurance and up to 30.000 ft altitude.
  • It’s capabilities are sensational and incomparable. Therfore, it points out new perspectives for surveillance on land, costline and sea – being able to cover long lines, large areas and far spots.
  • Low operation costs, easy maintenance and flexibility for a variety of missions with different sensor installations are our key to success.


  • Exceptional flight performance by latest aero-dynamics incl. high-aspect ratio laminar wing
  • Outstanding low fuel-burn IC engine for long endurance
  • Extreme climate conditions confronted by carbon composite airframe
  • Medium-altitude capability by twin turbocharged engine

Q01 Maiden Flight November 2015 at EDBC Airport (Video 2:10min)

Q01 sideview
Q01 Airborne Platform