SK202 Geoexplorer sideview

SK202 Geoexplorer – airborne system for exploration and observation

Full system delivery start in 2018. Mission concept, sensor choice, tests and training available now.



  • Favourable quick-exchange sensor capabilities
  • Dual Flight Mode (OPV) for manned and unmanned missions
  • Low noise signature
  • EASA certified


  • mid-plane JET-A1 fuel engine; 180hp take-off power; FADEC engine management
  • silent upward engine exhaust
  • 3-blade constant-speed low noise propeller
  • modular carbon composite airframe structure
  • robust tricycle retractable landing gear

PERFORMANCE – best of its class!

  • fast cruise to mission 150 kt
  • mission speeds 65–135 kt
  • range manned > 1,350 nm, endurance > 10 hrs
  • range unmanned 2,500 nm, endurance > 24 hrs
  • service ceiling 30,000 ft


  • dead engine glide ratio > 40 in clean config. (69 ft version) (the »second engine«)
  • deicing system for unknown icing conditions (option)
  • twin safety – backup by ultra-light 250 lb thrust underwing jet (option)


  • High-Order-Command autopilot
  • Optionally Piloted Vehicle by a NG-Flight Control System (OPV NG-FCS)


  • helicopter-like visibility for pilot + operator
  • high wings for best visibility range
  • underwing sensor pods
  • adaptive to specific mission sensors
  • Standard mounts and IF system for quick exchange


  • side-by-side pilot configuration
  • comfortable, spacious cockpit with 50 inch internal width
  • low internal noise environment by well encapsulated rear engine
  • comfortable off-ground direct entrance


  • really low operation & maintenance costs
  • mobile, fully equipped maintenance station (40ft-container) with key spares
  • trailer/40ft-container for land/sea transport