With our design office and in-house workshop we are able to provide prototyping solutions on short notice. We cover a wide range of scope:

  • Metal parts and welding assemblies
  • Composite parts and assemblies

    • Materials: CFRP, GFRP, AFRP, Honeycomb
    • Varnishing and finish

  • Mould design and mould construction

    • Metal, CFRP, GFRP, foam and block material

  • Cable marking and loom production
  •  Model manufacturing
  • Small batch series

    For inquiries and further information please contact Mr. Florian Schindler (Phone: +49 3375 21408-0 or by mail: f.schindler(at)rs-uas.com)

    Beside our prototyping activities we provide customer specific aircraft design from the first sketch to serial production. For further information please have a look at our CAPABILITIES .