technical specs


Weights & measurements
MTOM2.750 kg
Max. payload600 kg, underwing stations 360 kg
Wing span20 m
Fuel2 x 256 kg = 
512 kg inside wing
Height10' 11'' ft (3.33 m)
Length35' 3'' ft (10.7 m)
g-load+ 3.6/–1.44
Performance data
Cruise speed to mission180 kt
Typical mission speed 110 kt
Range manned>1,350 nm, endurance >12 hrs

Range unmanned

4,500 nm, endurance >50 hrs
Service ceiling30,000 ft
Power plant6-cyl V, 3l, two turbocharger Technify Continental CD 310 hp JET A1 engine
PropellerMT 3-blade constant speed prop
long endurance
Optional piloted flight control system
Manned & Unmanned (up to 50 hrs)
Two crew, provision for work share (+ rest/lavatory)

Deploy (manned) to target area 3,000 nm in one step