System integration

DLR 3D camera MACS, source of the spectacular Mount Everest 3D photomapping in 2014
DLR 3D camera mounted with pods on STEMME S10
DLR 3D modelling from the MACS camera data (here: Stubai Glacier)

Sensor systems

Sensor systems are required for region-specific disaster management, disaster prevention and disaster risk assessment. Other applications include the collection of environmental data, security tasks, surveying and mapping and many more.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) was a major scientific partner of Dr. Stemme in the Mountain Wave Project (MWP) and has provided a special version of its Modular Airborne Camera System (MACS) for MWPs Himalaya expedition in 2013/2014.

Besides the airborne camera system the DLR also contributed their expertise of image processing to derive various 3D data products. The results were used for glacier monitoring and surface modeling of topographically challenging terrain around Annapurna and Mt. Everest. Digital Elevation Models and True Ortho Mosaics with exceptional resolution and highest accuracy even in deep valleys were derived after the flight campaign using DLR developed image processing technologies.

Our airborne platforms are able to carry any of the existing sensor systems in the market.